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Posted: August 26, 2011 in Crochet
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I first came into contact with crochet 30 years ago when I embarked on making a hoodie for my then-as-yet-unborn baby. It was a such a sweet, pretty pattern which I managed to stuff up quite spectacularly. The body of the jacket was fine, the hood was wearable, the arms, however, were…well…strange – very very long and very very narrow. For some reason I didn’t even notice I was working away at the arms for a somewhat long time – I probably just figured crochet was weird like that and that in the end it would work out. It didn’t.  She never wore the jacket because she came out human, with human-shaped limbs. During the following three decades I had short flings with the hook, but it’s only been the past two years or so that the bug has bitten again. Here are some of my most recent projects – I don’t do blankets and adult clothing, mostly fairly quick, one-ball, one-sitting items.

I'm loving Tunisian crochet – the weave-like texture is so pretty. I made this mug cozy for a friend. It's quite tricky and still requires quite a lot of concentration, so I'm only managing simple executions...

I had an empty glass jar. I had wool. And a hook. And a tealight candle. So I Googled and got this neat little pattern.

I made this cute pup for friends whose body corporate won't let them keep a real live dog in their apartment. That's just nasty. Anyway, Brutus is very ably standing in as the family pet.

I made a ear/headwarmer. This one required knitting, which is not my core strength, to say the least. Nonetheless, I managed the rigours of plain and purl and then reverted to the crochet hook for the flower. The flower isn't my pattern. I'll post its link once I trace it.