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So the little dog and I went for a stroll into the city this morning and came across two new additions and a potential firm favourite.

New kid on the block is Stef and his Baguette Sandwiches bicycle. With freshly baked bread from Knead (100% rye, ciabatta, bretzel rolls and, of course, baguettes) and toppings such as black forest ham, salami, roast beef, chicken or ham, garnished with cheese, tomato and lettuce, and ranging in price from a mere twenty SA rand, these sarmies are sure to attract lots of attention. The idea is to test this one outside Deluxe in Church Street and then expand to other locations in the city. Be nice and go say hi to him.

Baguette Sandwiches bicycle, stationed outside Deluxe Coffeeworks in Church Street.

On our way back, after a quick Deluxe coffee fix (for me, not the little dog) we strolled past a new building upgrade, housing Liam Mooney and his fabulously amazing furniture and homeware; Honest Chocolate, which is ridiculously and habit-formingly good (it’s raw chocolate, so it’s fine); and Commune 1, a new gallery that is a work of art in itself. The building is on Wale Street, between Bree and Loop. I could quite happily drag my bed down there and move in – it’s altogether lovely.

Tilt your computer – it's not easy taking a photo from the middle of the road hanging on to a Jack Russell that is intent on catching a rat, any rat, anywhere…

And then we got to within a block of our house where a long-awaited new restaurant/coffee shop has finally opened its doors. Beautifully renovated building, lovely Bo-Kaapish colours, nice enough interior, fair attention to detail…yes, things were going along swimmingly but then, sadly, all came to a screaming halt when the signage went up and revealed the name: Wale Rose Lifestyle… for no apparent reason other than that it’s on the corner of, oh yes, Wale and Rose Street. Maybe if you’ve worked on a project for months, perhaps years, you just don’t have any energy left to think of a name for it… Must be that.

Wale Rose Lifestyle. Corner or, uhm, Wale and Rose Street…