A wrap a minute

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Crochet, Things to make
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I just love neck warmers – they keep you toasty warm and don’t get all tangled up when you try to tuck them into your coat/jacket/jersey collar.

Here’s a quickie you can rustle up in no time at all – and it’s dirt cheap.

I had a piece of fleece fabric that has been lying around for ages. Hop down to your nearest and dearest fabric shop and buy a quarter of a meter. Or buy more and keep the rest to fling together a last-minute gift. The piece I had was 22cm wide and long.

Step 1.
Cut fabric to desired width. I worked with what I had, which was 22cm (a nice width, I may say). Now wrap the fabric around your neck once and let it overlap quite generously. Mark and cut to desired length (mine came to about 58cm long).

Step 1.

Step 2:
Fold in half so the ends meet. Now use your best china to help you shape the ends… You can make them as round or as pointy as you want. I was downstairs and the fabric chalk was upstairs so I just used blackboard chalk. Really, all you want is a more-or-less guideline. It’s fleece, not raw silk 🙂

Step 2.

Step 3:
Cut to shape. I eventually made the ends slightly pointier, but really, it’s up to you. There are no rules.

Step 3.

Step 4:
Done. Wrap your warmer around your neck and secure with a brooch. I used a flower I had crocheted a few days ago.

How quick was that?

Seriously, the hardest part was taking the photo of myself 🙂

Here’s a  link to a great tutorial for another, easy flower to crochet. Sew a safety pin to the back and you can add it to anything: http://www.craftstylish.com/item/4325/how-to-crochet-a-flower-part-1

An easy little flower with a great tut.


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