Go on, bottle it up

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Recipes
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Here’s a super quick way to make a fabulous gift in a jar.

 You will need*:
• A glass jar (I got this one from Mr Price Home, but have also used good ol’ canning jars from Pick ‘n Pay – not quite as pretty, but they do the job well)
• Olives (black, green and calamata)
• A tub of feta cheese
• Sundried tomatoes (either the dry ones from PnP, or Woolies/Ina Paarman sachets in oil)
• Fresh rosemary
• Extra virgin olive oil
*(Quantities obviously vary according to the size of the jar.)

Three easy steps:
Step 1: Sterilise the jar (simply submerge the jars, lids and rings in a large pot of water on the stove and boil for ten minutes.
Allow to cool. Now remove from water and leave to dry while you have a cup of coffee.)

Step 2: Layer the tomatoes, cheese and olives. Stick a few rosemary sprigs in between the layers and down the sides. Fill with olive oil. Make sure the outside of the jar is wiped clean so it doesn’t slip out your hands when you pick it up, which has happened.

Step 3: Give it away, with the instruction to keep it in the fridge. Or keep it for yourself… and gift a bunch of flowers instead! It’s great in salads, or as a little snack with your sundowner.

I didn’t put a label on the jar because I figured it’s pretty obvious what’s inside 🙂 Besides, unless they’re really well done, labels fade and tear and just end up looking tatty.


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