How to walk a dog in the city

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Dog stuff
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Oh, yes, there are some protocols attached to walking a dog in the city…

  • Get a harness. Don’t just go and attach the leash to the collar. City dogs are notoriously dof* and will challenge four lanes of peak hour traffic to a stand-off.  In any case, most dogs can spot a sewer rat three blocks away and will rip their necks from the collar before you’ll have time to screech “heel”.
  • Keep a tight rein. People who wander around cities are either workers in their office gear, tourists tripping over their camera straps or clubgoers still trying to figure out where they left their cars the night before. The first group will more than likely really really prefer not to take the residue of Buster’s gob into the boardroom, the second lot will fall over and sue you in US dollars, and the latter will retreat further into bewilderment as they attempt to use their remote controls to deactivate your dog’s bark. Keep Buster close to your side as you navigate your way through the throngs.
  • Stock up on pooh bags. Tie a few to the leash, stuff them in your jeans pocket or get/make a special holder, but don’t leave home without them. Stepping into someone’s dog pooh is yuck. Stepping over and around lots of someones’ dog pooh is just as yuck. So then, pick up after Fido. Don’t know how? Below are photos that will hopefully demonstrate, step-by-step, this delicate dance between bag and pooh which will see the pooh safely deposited, and your hands fresh as a daisy…

* dim, as in not-the-brightest-bulb-on-the-christmas-tree…

  1. Tanja says:

    Nou weet ek ook hoe. Baie dankie. Dot en Chief gaan maar redelik min vir stappies – 2 kinders is moeilik genoeg om te beheer. Maar hulle ry so nou en dan saam om Eben by die skool te gaan oplaai.

  2. hmm…twee honde, twee leibande, ‘n spul sakkies, twee kinders… ja nee, gooi hulle liewers almal in ‘n kar!

  3. LG says:

    Love it… especially the p00-bag demo. Now no-0ne can say they dunn0 how to! Welcome to the land of Bl0g. Live long and prosper!

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